Lay of the Land in HD Speak


Over 13 years ago I drove up the 15 from San Clemente to Victorville, California to accept a teaching job offer. I married the High Desert Princess and we started a family. I’ve learned some HD speak since then.

Write about whatever you’d like, but write using regional slang, your dialect, or in your accent.

Source: Non-Regional Diction | The Daily Post

Sundays are sweet, especially if you’re not going down the hill. It’s a time for kicking it in the HD with the rugrats and maybe a flick or two on Netflix. Times with the fam rock. The Ville isn’t known for much other than once being the home to Gene Autry’s museum, Trigger’s home, but we do have some good grinds up here. Over the course of 13 years, I’ve learned where the best ones are, and most offer carryout. The family stays cozy while I run out and get grub for everybody.

Every rose has its thorn and in the high desert it’s the tweakers. You see them here and there and it’s really a sad by product of a population with low education and high unemployment. Sociology teaches the concept of the man failing the job because the job fails the man. Lack of decent work perpetuates the cycle. The truth of it bites. My wife used to do therapy in the addiction field so she has seen this data in real life. Places like Felony Flats show up in the news weekly. Despite the beauty of the Joshua tree sunsets, the underbelly of drugs addiction looms ever present. Heads up: It’s a good place to raise a family nonetheless, once you get a lay of the land.

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