Title: Legend
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
MPAA Rating: R
Year: 2015
Director: Brian Helgeland, known for “L.A. Confidential”
Top Billed Cast: Tom Hardy, known for “The Revenant,” Emily Browning, “A Series of Misfortunate Events”
Brief Synopsis: The rise and fall of two real life mobsters who happen to be identical twins.
My Word to the Wise: Has all the stuff that makes classic Gangster movies. The fact that it’s real makes it all that more captivating. Tom Hardy is again at an acting high. This excellent entertainment. Highly violent though, maybe needlessly so at times. For that reason, I have to say leave the kids out of this one. The twins played by the same person failed a few times technology wise, it looked fake. Overall though, the movie works on many levels. I think fans of the genre and/or Tom Hardy will really like this film.

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  1. Nice review, i was expecting to see a more violent film because of the reputation the Krays have in England, they are the only gangsters i have heard of in England

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