*.lemons to lemonade

There's something about teaching that seems part and parcel to Murphy's Law. Today I decided to have my kids work on some independent work, which in teaching is never your proudest moment to be observed in, you want to be instructing and modeling like a boss. As they started that activity, I started putting together handouts and data for parent conferences that start tomorrow. At that moment, the admins from the district office walked through. Oh, how I wish it would have been just 10 minutes earlier. Hopefully they will have grace on me. There are always my writing sounds letter cards walls. Those are definitely things I'm proud of.

I got to thinking about how to turn a lemon day into lemonade and here's what I came up with: In order to make the best of a bad situation, try this:

  • Soul search for vulnerabilities and make a plan to strengthen them
  • Ask yourself what you are scared of and shore up strength against it
  • Make a plan so you are "bullet proof" from the same things happening again
  • Remind yourself that all people are imperfect, including yourself, and give yourself a second chance
  • Put your best foot forward from here on out
  • Smile
  • Think of the obvious right things to do and do them
  • Give yourself feedback, don't be too critical but just enough to avoid this happening again -and-
  • Get in touch with something you enjoy doing and escape into it for a while. It is possible to overthink mistakes.

This week is parent conferences. I get to tell parents how great their kiddos are with a few suggestions for academic improvement here and there. I'm looking forward to discussing reading strategies and math practice they can use to foster academic achievement in their children. These are bittersweet times. Ultimately it is very valuable to the growth of the child and that's what makes it great. If as they say 80% of success is showing up, I plan to show up tomorrow and hope the best for the rest!

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