Life: Montage of Dessert


What if the meal of life had no dessert? Speaking in the sense of time, you’d be so empty in your twilight years. I hope that good living and hard work pays of for me so my dessert tray is out the door. I want to sit back on my haunches and take a gander at all the luscious flan, cake, creme puffs, and cheesecakes. I’m doing okay right now. I teach.

I thought in high school that teachers were people that couldn’t really do anything creative in the real world so they became schoolmasters. That was the furthest thing from me. I used to sing Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” at the top of my lungs with the radio:

“We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control, the dark sarcasm in the classroom, teachers leave them kids alone.”

I have the chance every day to be a kind influence, leading kids in a good direction. Actually what I aim to do is foster and equip, lead sounds so bossy. When they find their direction, they’ll know what to do, because of me. At least, that’s the goal. Being a teacher is really tough sometimes. The carrot before our eyes in education keeps shifting. You have to be internally driven and motivated.

Things are going so fast in my family right now. I think this three day weekend and into next week, Sarah and I will focus on slowing down. The trick is slowing down without losing productivity.

Life is a set of photos. It’s all a montage.

I’m so so happy tonight to be in my skin. The truth I have found in my life is that, when done right, slowing down increases productivity. It is extremely hard for a type A like me to slow down. That’s the real battle, not keeping up productivity. Sarah put the photos of 2015 into an album, she’s still adding some graphics and titles. She really has a gift for crafty things like that and her album is definitely proof. But when I look at all the photos I see how I’ve aged and how white my beard has become. I see how much the kids have grown and how happy Sarah and I look at Glen Ivy. It’s all a montage of dessert I tell you. All I need to do is to stop more often.

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