Love/Hate Relationship With Tires

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “tire.”  Use it with a prefix and/or and suffix or use it as is. Enjoy!

Source: Stream of Consciousness Saturday | Linda G. Hill

There are two ways to fix flat tires that I have used in my time: 1) a donut spare and 2) a Fix-a-Flat chemical can. Before I got married and had a family, in other words as a single man, I would always drive on these temporary solutions for months, even a year in one case. Since then, I have learned they are not reliable for long and once you get the vehicle going, you should report directly to the tire place.

We have a great tire place here in Victorville, it’s called “America’s Tire.” They will repair your tire for free if they can, and they are usually able to. If they are not able to they will give you several quotes to get you in a safe tire that day. I seriously love the place. They are one of the last honest businesses out there. Tires are not always the most exciting way to spend ones money. When you have to, it’s helpful to have a place you can trust.

I once knew a guy who whenever I asked him how it was gong he would say: “Same car different tires.” I think everyone chuckled at that because everyone with a car can relate. They are like shoes but for your vehicle. There comes a time when they are worn out and you have to go shopping! At the same time, who can deny the relaxed feeling, the peace you get when you have new black tires on your car!

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