Margot at the Wedding

I like artsy films that are just about people living their regular lives. Call me a minimalist. For that reason, I did enjoy this film. There is another caveat. However, there should be character development and some sort of a story. Both of those were lacking in this film.



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This is really a story of a woman who hovers over her child and journeys back to stay with her high school friend for a while after her divorce. You get to see how her over-protective and overly healthy take on everything affects her son.

I’m a big fan of Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jack Black but I felt the writing for them was disjointed and really didn’t create characters that lasted in my memory.

There is a conflict with a neighbor and some normal tensions that occur in a marriage with regards to flirting and such and then regretting it. The film really gives itself no reason to exist. It’s a shame a drama with such powerful actors never got off the ground. All I can guess is they were trying to make it like an independent film that has big names and that everybody loves even though it’s minimal. It didn’t work for me and I wouldn’t recommend it.

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