mediocre blog challenges

I’m overwhelmed by mediocre blog challenges. My biggest flop I got involved with is the Daily Post. Their pingback system is what the whole networking aspect hinges on. Even still, it malfunctions every few days. In fact, currently it doesn’t function at all. Their appeal is the fact that when you pingback to the day’s challenge you are part of a wall of contributors. I get comments on the days their pingbacks work because people can see my pingback. Not so today. This has happened before so I am not expending energy trying to solve the problem. The bottom line is that if I can’t network with other readers, I don’t need their clever prompts. I can either make up my own or try some of the overwhelming number of them out there. I do hope WordPress works it out though, I like Daily Post prompts. I like the goals of ROW80 but so far no readers have stopped by and that’s the buggest reason I do challenges.

I’m blah about work tomorrow. My students are ready for Summer and they have me in the same malaise. Tomorrow we’ll learn about an animal, watch a video about it and then do some curriculum. I did promise them extra PE. Tomorrow is early dismissal but we do have a staff meeting. A lady is coming to talk to us about Lexia, a new program my Principal purchased for us. It could be really cool, especially for low level readers. By that I mean of course, they will increase their level. I really don’t know much about it at all. I think I’ll call about my car tomorrow. It’s still in the body shop. It’s insane how long it takes State Farm to do things, These days all I can think about is the beach. That, and finding new and better ways to network my blog among new readers.

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