The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

Rarely have I seen such art attributed to a violent serial killer. I’m surprised to say the film still drew me in and put me in that indefinable trance one can sometimes feel from horror. This killer has tools and moves he wields like deathly musical instruments as he kills on the midnight train.

I like this director, Ryûhei Kitamura if for no other reason than that he was born the same year as me. He has a long history of Japanese horror and mystery films. I have seen none of them. I wonder if any of his past films have as much blood and violent gore as this one does.

Bradley Cooper is the biggest name in this film. He’ a struggling and idealistic photographer. His wife introduces him to a big name and that’s when the film starts to chug down the tracks. It’s a ride you’ll not soon forget. Another big name in this is Brooke Shields.

Here’s a no spoiler summary: There is a killer that stalks a certain train every night. He kills people on the train in unthinkable ways. It’s all filmed i a sort of Matrix strobe/slow motion way so you can really take in the eyeballs popping out and the entrails spilling onto the floor. This may be one of the bloodiest ones I’ve seen. It’s good though. Bradley Cooper inadvertently photographs the killer and seeks to destroy him. The results are not what he had expected.

This was a bloody film and certainly not one to watch with your kids. It is however streaming on Netflix so that makes it easy to get for many people. It’s a good revenge horror. The only problem I had with it was the way they dealt with the conflict in the last quarter, See what you think and leave me a comment. A dialogue is the best part of blogging for me.

I thought the music and cinematography made this more of a “killer’s opera” than a slice and dice film. It was amazing to look at when the killing was at bay and even the killing had a certain order to the chaos. It drew me in. I was interested why this man did these horrible things. In my opinion, the answer is only partly given. I would recommend this to fans of the serial killer and gore genre. All else, run for the train exit.


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