Miss Stevens

The high school dramedy must be one of the biggest genres to break into with a film. People watch films like The Breakfast Club and Fast Times at Ridgemont High over and over again until their dying day. This film doesn’t come close to breaking in. In plain English, it’s awful. I call it a “wanna-be” high school dramedy.



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This film is about a high school English teacher who volunteers to take three high school teens to a drama competition. It is an overnight and she has her own hotel room as somewhere in the hotel the three unstable teens have their own rooms. I should have known when this was explained that this film was not based in reality.

There are numerous times when the teacher smokes while with the kids. She often leaves them unattended. She appears to be giving the most disturbed young man a chance to grow and go off his medication. When she doesn’t like his reactions, she blames him and tries calling the Principal back home. She is the one to blame because she is the one in charge.

In between all the “drama” (literally) we see all sorts of dysfunction. Writing as someone who has worked in the public school system for 17 years, I can tell you this movie is a legal nightmare and definitely not healthy for any of the characters involved. “Well, Damien it’s a comedy!” You might say. It’s not in the least bit funny. If you have a different view, let’s start a conversation in the comments. As for me, I can’t recommend this to anyone except to give an example of what high school dramedy should NOT look like.

By Damien Riley

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