Moleskine Back


Linus had his blanket …

I can’t find my journal! I feel an emptiness. I wrote about 200 pages in it, it was a handwritten diary. It’s a good thing I took a photo of every page after writing it, there’s that. I feel like somebody stole my pillow. I sure hope it turns up. Meanwhile, I bought a Moleskine journal tonight at Barnes and Noble. I really like it. I sure hope to not lose this one.

Everything is going great in life right now. Tomorrow is like my Friday because “Friday” is a very early out time. In my school district they give us two weeks off for Christmas Vacation. I’ll be reviewing movies like gangbusters and going to the dentist. I’m hoping to check in with some of the bloggers out there I love reading. Tomorrow is another day, I’m going to sleep tonight imagining infinite possibilities, new Moleskine primed and ready for action.

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