Monthly Roundup, Movie Reviews, & Stats March 2016

March was awesome for my blog. I am finally to a place now where I can do movie reviews in a format I am proud of appearance-wise. I am making use of the blockquote and pullquote functions of my theme and using the code uniformly in my reviews. Here is a list of the movies I watched and reviewed in March:

I’m getting a LOT of reviews done these days and loving it. Way down below are some highlighted posts in different categories for March as far as visit counts go.

My blog has drifted away from the “diary” emphasis although I still maintain a category for those. I enjoy writing online diary posts they are just not the main thing that develops community right now.

I apply myself seriously to my column every week, sometimes twice a week. To me, this is the dream of why I started blogging in the first place, to be a name that people trust and subscribe to simply because it brings value and entertainment. I divide my week in the following blogging schedule (it sometimes changes):


Ok, now for those highlights.

Most visited:
Post (overall) – DIV CLASS MOVIE META
My Column – Trump Lives Somewhere Else
Movie Review – Intruders
Diary Post – Notes from the Engine Room

Thanks a lot for reading my blog. It’s great having people like you to share the journey with.

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