My Party, Oh Yeah

My perfect party starts in Rosarito Mexico at about 3:30pm on a Friday. I took a personal day along with some generous friends. Theres a free time in the water and in the beach for an hour or two. My friend Chris will fire up his taco cart, slamming down his cleaver on chicken and carne asada. After a while doing that the real food begins. We each get a full lobster and homemade tortillas from the local house restaurant. everybody gets stuffed.

We hang out in town which is steps away. cervezas flow. About 2am we buy hot dogs wrapped in bacon for everyone. then everyone gets on a charter bus and crashes out. The driver takes us back to the San Clemente Inn where we check in and burn out. Did I fail to mention this was an overnight party? we wake up and have hue os rancheros at Olamendis then swim at San Clemente state beach. we make a fire and cook hamburgers on the barbecues there. before too long we go see a movie at the Lido and after that everybody hugs and high fives as we leave for home.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s My Party.”

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