My Summer So Far and What Lies Ahead

12754914794_596945a1b6_oLast night my daughter asked everyone at the dinner table to share the best part of their day. Mine was a bit Mercurial, at least you the far off reader may find it so. I was overjoyed yesterday when I was testing pool chemicals and realized my pool was not 30,000 gallons as I had thought for several years. Yep, that’s my high point so far 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In the Summertime.”

Damien Riley Sarah Beach 2011A Pentair calculator revealed it is 20,000 (17,900 to be exact). I have been using way too many chemicals and diatomaceous earth. This will make it much easier for me to get through the Summer and ironically keep the pool more sparkling. So far my Summer has consisted with redoing our backyard and just plain “maxin and relaxin” by my pool. This is because my wife has been working. Come Thursday, she’s off for two whole weeks so we are planning to head down to Laguna Beach as well as some OC hot spots. We’ll be staying in hotels as well. I am plumb excited.

We’ve done some great trips with the family through the years but I thing this Summer will be record setting. I’m thankful I have a couple days and her paycheck to plan some other activities for her and I. I lost my wallet and then found it but had cancelled my ATM card so hers is our purchasing source currently. I have gratitude I can use her paycheck today and mine when it comes tomorrow to plan some memories for us as a couple as well as for our kids. Below are just a few Summer pics from past years to give you an idea of how large and in charge this High Desert family is over Summer!

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