Nacho Libre

When the brothers complain about his food, the cook in the monastery, Nacho Libre, says “Maybe I need a better duty.” He’s got a spirit you just can’t hold down.



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There are so many quotes from Nacho Libre being recited in my house of 5 all the year long. One example is when Nacho philosophizes to the sexy nun Incarnacion, “I know my clothes may hae the appearance of riches but beneath the clothes you find the man and beneath the man, you find his … nucleus.” This is the sort of depth/non-depth contrast you get in this comedy film. Little Chancho is sad to see Nacho storming out of the convent to be a wrestler so he offers him his “mother’s lucky machete” stating “you may need it.”

This may not be instant comedy to anyone who watches it the first time. I’ll admit, when my sister bought it for me a few years ago as a Christmas gift, I wasn’t impressed. But the jokes grow on you! After thinking about them and playng the jokes again, I was a full fledged fan for life. Go Nachoooooooo!

Nacho is an unwitting yet sincere monk trying to break into Mexican Luchador wrestling. It is so innocent yet so well delivered, Jack Black as Nacho should get a high comedy award for his work on this film.

Skeletor becomes his partner in the ring and together they seek fame and fortune at luchadors. Nacho tells the kids in the monastery, “I know the wrestlers get all the fancy creams and lotions.” The jokes just come one after the other.

There’s a wonderful ending and scenes in the final fight that are quite well filmed. In fact, the who film is very well choreographed and filmed. This film does not get the praise it deserves. Watch it at least twice before you judge.

After all the “language” of Nacho Libre must be acquired, even while it’s all in English. I recommend this to people who could use a good laugh.

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