Notes from the Engine Room

If anyone in this world ever thinks I seem relaxed, I want you to know it is no accident. I have trained myself through “The Relaxation Response” to calm down through breathing and visualization. I can’t tell you how helpful this practice has become. Then, I attempt to build myself up through various means. The object is not to be selfish but to be prepared to serve others.

I have a hard time still not “reacting” to things that upset me. If I could get this hammered out I would be perfect. Just kidding. I think working with kids, aged 10 in my case, is a foot boot camp in which to learn these things. People claim to be impatient but in this field, no one cares if you are, you have to learn coping skills.

Good music in my car is crucial. That’s the real “me” chills out and warms up to enter the world of masks. Once in a while eating my favorite foods is another place. The slogan “treat thyself” is extreme wisdom. We all know we need to have values toward hard work and toward putting others first but in between that, we must treat ourselves as we treat others or the aphorism of the golden rules means nothing.

I’m making more of an effort lately to make sure I am comfortable and built up before I attempt to give to others. What do you think about that? Sounds selfish or no? It’s taken me years to understand how this works.

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