On the Use of the Term “Real” Since the 1940’s

logo_1-4679217This post is part of Stream of Consciousness Saturday. The prompt is to write on the word “real” in a stream of consciousness style.

The question in the 1940’s was: “What is Real to the Country.”

1950’s?  … The advertisements

1960’s … The news and newspapers

1970’s … The college studies

1980’s … The Reagans

1990’s … Seattle

2000’s … The internet and Wikipedia (I even saw a Wikipedia trivia game at Walgreens yesterday,)

2010’s … Ratings/Rankings/Social Media

So, as we review these trends I think it’s safe to say John Lennon was right when he wrote and sang “Strawberry Fields:”

Let me take you down cause I’m going to Strawberry fields
Nothing is real …

Be informed. Reality is all about perception. Don’t jump to conclusions but make them after research and forethought. Don’t use the term “real” loosely.

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