#onlinediary – Riley Central 2016-01-04 18:08:35


Some things fill up my senses so much that I can go from a bad mood to a good one with just a glance, or a whiff. If smelling a slight aroma can bring my mood to an elevated state, it’s no wonder the thick aroma of steaks cooking raises my happiness factor 20 miles high.

It was an ok day back at work today with a few challenges but nothing I couldn’t handle. Sometimes I think to myself I might be good to consider other options for paying my bills. My job pays well relative to my county but this morning I was stricken with a cough and a major case of the Mondays. I couldn’t help but imagine other ways to make a living. I’ve always believed a person should be brave enough to do that rather than just accept unhappiness in what they do. Having said that, it was an ok day.