#onlinediary – Riley Central Station 2016-01-05 18:20:34


The rain came down today, finally. It was so awesome. My daughter got to use her umbrella. I sure hope we get more. I haven’t written here about it but I had to mail-order a new grate for my fireplace. It was very old and began to fall apart. I wouldn’t think a rod iron grate could fall apart but this one did. I ordered a new one and it’s supposed to get here Friday. For those of you who don’t wrestle with a fireplace like I do, the rods of a grate are necessary to keep oxygen flowing under the wood. If the wood sits on the floor of the fireplace, it will be extinguished quickly. A new grate equals longer burning time. When the new grate gets here, it will be the best fire we’ve had in a good long time.

I had a much better day teaching than yesterday. It seems my kids have turned off their motivator switches and don’t want to do any work. Today was a little better than yesterday, I’m hoping they have more buy-in tomorrow. They probably won’t but sometimes I forget my job is to BE the motivator. We’ll get it done.

We’ve been watching Nurse Jackie lately, a Spotlight series about an ER nurse who is addicted to pain-killers. It’s a lot like Breaking Bad, I have some hang ups about it but my wife really likes it … so we’re watching it. If I see any reason too, I may publish a review of it. Probably won’t though. Tomorrow is Wednesday already, hopefully Friday will be here just as quickly and double hopefully it will rain all this week.