Dark Encounter (2019)

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A posse of sorts sets out in this film to find the missing young girl. On their trek, we see light tricks and themes akin to those seen in previous alien abduction films. But this story has an angle we haven’t seen before and that makes it an above average film in my view. Among a cast of mostly no namers, we are treated to the lovely and talented Laura Fraser who plays the mother character “Olivia” quite well. She takes you in as you watch and keeps the film grounded from a grieving mother’s perspective. Whereas most films recycle the themes or alien abduction, this one leads the viewer on through a mystery that shows something never been attempted: the idea of innocent and benevolent aliens.

When the Sheriff hugs the father to console him after his daughter disappears, the hug seemed awkward and poorly acted. Little did I know that was a hidden clue that would later tie in the aliens and everything else that’s part of the film’s conflict. There’s no way to know that until you’ve seen the movie though and that doesn’t qualify as a clue in my view.

You won’t find gore or amazing alien latex costumery. You will find lights in the sky akin to “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” There is also a powerful musical score. Unfortunately though, the lack of horror visuals and concepts makes this much more of a sci fi. I am not sure I would recommend it to a die hard horror fan. I do watch a lot of independent films and this one is certainly well made with the foxy lead and the music. It is a film rooted in grief so it makes it hard to enjoy Ms. Laura but she’s a reassuring force throughout nonetheless. (Aye that little pink bow in the picture. If that lady needs a slightly older man to show her some pleasure, I’ll have to get divorced first but send her my way). Let me reiterate though, this is a slow burn and not really a horror. As a sci fi, I give it 8/10 and as a horror I have to give it a 6/10. There are, after all, a few scary parts. Also, the concept of the daughter’s fate is indeed a horrifying thought. This film is on Amazon Prime at time of review.


Tobe Hooper directed Poltergeist. He’s an incredible horror creator. Come listen to me walk through the plot and share an 8 minute video interview I found on Youtube with this truly gifted horrorist. May he RIP.


Pigster, 2019 – ★★★


What, and I mean this sincerely, the actual fuck?

Review: This looks like a low budget film trying very hard to appear as such with lots of gore and boobage. This is kind of the 2 directors’ style. John Lechago and Al Burke have worked in Hollywood in many roles. It’s all led him here to this twisted little gore film. It’s great for people who want something different with an attitude. All the effects look fake, so much that you start rating how fake they are as they appear. It’s hard to pick up on anything to relate with because the plot isn’t meant to be realistic. In this here and now, the monster Pigster (half man half pig) is out to find and kill people, in between dark jokes. For me, it was more or less a grand adventure of comedic horror.

Black Water, 2007 – ★★★½

A freaking good alligator movie (as far as those go). The two actresses make it easy on the eyes in between dismemberments. I actually really enjoyed this movie, I recommend!