Peace in Little Rituals

tumblr_nwsvrgfJDk1r48zcwo1_1280My wife and I started walking together and so far it’s been really great. I got a real feeling of peace yesterday when did our ritual. My wife and I track what we eat on our phones and we are walking together every night, we’re healthier than we’ve ever been.

For a couple I think it’s so enriching making rituals to do together. These may not start out as simple or easy but as you settle in you know you have it to look forward to every week. We talk about food, health,  and our bodies and it ironically brings me a real sense of peace to make that effort.

I’m so lucky to have someone to do things with in life. I was single for many many years and I longed for that. I think it’s important to remember when times do get tough that it’s a fortune when you have someone to go through life with. The wrong person can diametrically ruin your peace as well. On Monday evening as we get ready to go for our walk around the neighborhood, these are my thoughts.

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0 Replies to “Peace in Little Rituals”

    1. They make something like a canvas you always have with you. Sometimes you paint nothing but other times you are surprised at the masterpiece that evolves. The key is having those rituals so when a painting inspiration strikes, you’re ready.

  1. I sure wish my husband would walk and talk with me. I think we could really benefit from the many discussions we could have.

    As I read your post, it got me to thinking about what rituals we do have. What comes to my mind is that every Saturday morning we get up, go out for breakfast and spend the rest of the day together running errands to the mall and anything else we have no time for during the week. Later in the day we stay out and eat our lunch/dinner together at a restaurant. We never schedule anything else on this day unless it just can’t be helped. Even then, it’s a function we are both attending together.

    Thanks for awakening my thoughts on rituals.

    Frantastically yours,

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