Pitch Perfect

I surmise Pitch Perfect was written for 3 genres: 1) Crude College Humor like American Pie, 2) Teen and Twenty-Something TV like Dawson’s Creek, and Broadway Musical-Made-Into-Movie like Rock of Ages. While the A’Capella music and some of the humor in Pitch Perfect works well, the other writing falls short of any genre. It was directed by Jason Moore, known for Dawson’s Creek. There are many known actors including Anna Kendrick as Beca, known for Twilight, Brittany Snow as Chloe, known for Prom Night, and Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, known for the movie Bachelorette. There are a lot of other familiar faces in this film. My synopsis: Beca, starting out as a freshman at Barden University, is stifled in her dream of being a DJ and instead joins The Bellas, an A’Capella all-girl singing group. While the seeming band of misfits has some enjoyable talent, Beca brings some new talents out of her DJ bag that shake things up.

Most of the audience will appreciate the Chris-Farley-like humor of Rebel Wilson as Amy. I always applaud overweight actors that seek to promote healthy weights from the silver screen. It’s a better message to girls growing up today than the usual one of the need to be thin to be love able. Onto the relationships: there are no love stories here to “get into.” There is the obligatory one where the girl breaks up with the guy and the guy moves on and the girl runs back to the guy … yadda yadda. It is all written in such a shallow way. And then there is the music … I have no complaints there. As I close I must mention the projectile vomiting. The song leader does that when she’s nervous. It happens 3 times I think and the 2nd time one singer lays down and does a snow angel in it. It’s probably pudding but it made me nauseous. It seems like one genre mentioned above always has to have that good old projectile vomiting. Pitch Perfect some ways does everything it’s supposed to according to its market. In my analysis, Pitch Perfect is a good movie for its music but not great in any way.

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