Placebo #41 – stop, relax, create, and innovate

Me-n-Sarah-Glen-Ivy-7-2014After you’ve tried 40 others, there’s #41. I think everyone in the world could do with less anxiety. By relieving it, we could all see more clearly and come up with more creative solutions to our problems. I’m not crazy about the last two decades’ inventions of anti-depressant/anti-anxiety drugs. There are jokes in pop culture movies referencing Xanax and Prozac and the like. I’m talking about a placebo effect that really churns those endorphins and other brain chemicals to create a calm mind. When the mind is calm and relaxed, it can be more creative and innovative. We can see solutions to problems that once bogged us down. Or, we can simply find creative ways to ignore them. When they come back up, we’ll be stronger for having forgot them for a while. This could be called the magical “day off” for mental health or a hobby? There are all sorts of placebos for anxiety. It would be nice if doctors reminded us we don’t always need a prescription for our anxiety. Getting lost in something, like blogging perhaps, can do the same as a pill. It’s not easy for everyone but hey, this is a dream scenario post right?

Meditation and relaxation methods from the East are bigger than ever in pop psychology. People are doing Yoga, reading about the life of Siddhartha, and making time to breathe as they listen to on their smart phones. No one is being healed of cancer but people are enjoying their ride more as a result of the placebo of relaxation. If you can take less medication and find the desired results, I say go for it. We need to stop, relax, create and innovate if we want to really feel and experience this life. There are health spa places like Glen Ivy in Corona, California that my wife and I escape to when our nerves working in the school system are shot. It’s a great placebo if it works, and these things are much much better than hastily prescribed medication.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Placebo Effect.”

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