Rabid, 2019 – ★★ Text


I was really let down. The Soska Sisters are proving they are more about their “gory” reputation than actually making horror movies. At first, it had potential with me. The idea of a young beautiful woman disfigured in a car wreck and her coming back to normal through a vampire method was indeed intriguing. There is a little gore when they show her face but after that it becomes drama, and I mean drama. The Soska Sisters showed up twice in the time I was watching and before the time at which I said no thank you and turned it off.

Saddling the Cronenberg horse didn’t work for them this time. I still hope to see more from them. My advice is, less cameos, more time at the storyboard table creating an epic horror film. There isn’t even any gore really in this. I am sorry to say, I give this one a 2/10, the original is miles higher and better.

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