Rain Streaked Wood Bridge

imageThis is a bridge to somewhere. The rain has stopped, making it even more inviting to a traveler.

This post is a stream of consciousness reaction to a photo.

I imagine a home lay beyond it, a place to belong and to become. It’s a grownup wilderness beckoning. I don’t think there is anything as peaceful as the rain. Sometimes I’ll go through my Tumblr subscriptions looking for inspiration. Tonight I found this one and I find it very beautiful.

I like to be away from the madding crowd. It’s not that I hate people it’s just that I feel them too much. When I am around Sarah and my family, my guard is down and I feel relaxed. I love hotels as much as any world traveler but sometimes a rained-on wood bridge is the path to my rest and creativity. I love photos like this, they take me away.

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