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Crime shows are great because they’re interesting and fun. This new show is a crime show that definitely lives up to that reputation. It is also gritty. It presents cases in full light rather than just the attractive aspects.



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I binge watched S01 and really enjoyed it. The story is well written and the acting is superb. Felicity Huffman is my favorite character in the season, she plays a somewhat cold mother of a murdered son who is driven to colder extremes based on the way the court and law enforcement system puts her through the ringer.

Timothy Hutton also does a great job as her ex-husband. He’s trying to make it in the world after some troubles with the law. We see a few examples of that as we follow this case to its season conclusion. There isn’t much “feel good” material here. It starts with a murder and rape and through the course of the season we learn probably more than we want to about both. It is a bit like a mystery and in the end there are a few twists.

It is not a feel good show and therefore not for everyone. It can be quite violent but the violence serves to drive the story and make things more believable.

I really enjoyed this crime drama. I recommend it to fans of the genre and for those who enjoy revealing legal details and tacit rules the police and legal system follow, often in secret.

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