Ripper Street

This is a great tv show not because of its period dramatic scenery and wardrobe. It’s not great either because it’s like Downton Abbey meets a crime thriller. It’s an amazing show simply because it has a clever formula.



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Ripper Street takes its name from the famous killer of England’s past but the show is not about him. It starts out with a small group of policemen trying to decide if serial killings are linked to Jack the Ripper. We learn how this team goes through its rudimentary CSI and time specific police tools to solve a class. By the 3rd episode, we learn Jack the Ripper isn’t part of this show, he only inspired the title. It is after all a great title I’m sure you will agree.

It’s a good cast that runs this show. It really does make me think I am in the time period when I’m watching. Once the formula is established, it opens the way for so many stories. The many themes and visual effects keep this show interesting. Let me restate that the actors give it their all and they are brimming with talent. Timely characters appear here and there. For example, in season one we meet and see the Elephant man deliver dialog with other characters we hae become familiar with.

Because this show does follow a formula, I think a person could skip episodes and still get the story. It’s not necessarily “full” of personality but to those who get into period pieces and good crime stories, I recommend this show. You might call it a Downton Abbey crime drama.

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  1. Glad you finally got into it! I think one of my favourite things about the show is the fact that is a period drama that shows the dirtier side of history – it’s not all afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches and scones. Cannot wait until we have a proper discussion about this on the podcast 🙂

    1. I agree! Some episodes, it’s not so much the story or acting I like but more so the realistic background and cameo characters like The Elephant Man. I’m not yet through season 1 so I hope you bring lots of stuff to share. What I’ve seen so far is truly great stuff.

      1. Yes! The addition of The Elephant Man was really interesting, and I didn’t realise until recently that some of the other minor characters brought in with him were also real historical figures.
        I think now you’ve got this far you’ll stick with it until the end – as it goes on now it starts to move away from the whole Jack The Ripper thing. It’s going to be fun talking about it 🙂

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