Roller Coaster Savvy

Life is a roller coaster. Ride without fear the first time, if you dare.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Night and Day.”

I was so scared to ride roller coasters as a kid, I felt like I would pee my pants waiting in line. Once, I even got off at what was called the “Chicken Exit” at Magic Mountain. A few years into adolescence I realized they were super fun and went on the scariest ones I could find.

I remember being too tense as a preteen. If only I could go back in time and calm myself down. That’s the thing about life though: until we get a time machine, you only get one time around. I try to identify the roller coasters of sorts in my adult lke that scare me and remind myself I will one day get over the fear. It doesn’t happen automatically but anxiety can bbe defated sometimes just by letting go of ear and riding the roller coasters. Our furture selves will thank us!

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  1. I was afraid of heights and that prevented me from flying for years. One day I decided to just get over it, so a friend and I rode the Roosevelt Tramway (aerial) here in New York twice on a Sunday. That first plane was amazing; I was glued to the window. I guess you would say it was my roller coaster. Actually I have never gotten on a roller coaster, so maybe I should give it a go. Cheers!

    1. I’ll tell you this, the last theme park I went to, I was faking not being scared well!!! Yes, though, I can still ride them. Magic Mountain will wear me out but I’ve taken my son and his friends there for the last few birthdays.

      1. Kids keep you young and flexible. My housekeeper and gardener’s kids begged me to go with them. I did it to be a good sport but I was green and dizzy for hours afterwards. Never thought this would happen as I loved amusement parks.

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