“Room” illustrates a successful movie because it starts and completes a story that leaves you thinking. I thought about deep subjects like what confinement and freedom do to a human mind.

Some plot spoilers follow.

It’s a story about a mother and her 5 year old son who have been abducted my a man who keeps them alive in his shed. They have running water, a bathtub, steady supply of food,  and basic sundries. Except for not ever leaving the room, they are just like a normal mother and son.

Since the boy was born in the room, he is used to it. In fact he refers to it as a living thing by dropping the article and calling it “room.” Room is the only world he has ever known.  There are many psychological issues here that are fascinating to think about.

For a movie to tell such a complicated event as this in such a successful and entertaining way is remarkable. Room made me think about some profound things and that’s why I pick it for best movie of 2015.

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    1. Well that’s an honor you agree with me. 🙂 I’ve read many of your reviews and I like how you ingeniously break movies down into crucial components.

      The way “Room” starts so mysteriously and unfolds slowly revealing only what it needs to in respect to the story is masterful. I haven’t quite decided yet about best film but this one is in my top three.

      1. Thanks, i try to put reviews into how i would like to read them, So if i don’t want to know too much of the story i can skip that part, I just need to improve my writing skills and learn to use more expressive words
        Room is difficult to review without giving too much away but after watching the trailer you can discuss more.

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