ROW80 Check-in 20150202

imageROW80 Round 2 started April 6, 2015 This is my second update for this round. I’m using the shorthand in my title that signifies: The year “2015,” second round “02,” second check-in “02” hence:


I’ve moved my blog to another domain since I started these check-ins. My new domain is here at You can read a little about why here.

I’ve also modified my goals a bit. I find it’s not that difficult achieving them daily. This challenge has been very helpful to my blogging life.

2015 Round 2 Goals revised:

  1. Do one Daily Post Writing prompt per day. I now can create pingbacks there. YAY!
  2. Post “Daily Post” link on FB and Twitter with hashtags #ROW80  #blogboost  #journaling Twitter gets: #postaday don’t forget to comment on at least 2 other people’s blogs in UBC.
  3. Participate in Mid-week Wednesday and End-week Sunday check-ins for ROW80. I have done this twice now.
  4. Write in and keep up my paper journal / Bullet Journal daily using Journal Junkie’s May Challenge prompts (and April) or research pure bullet journal ideas and try some. Make a photo post on my Tumblr with these tag options #bullet journal   #journaling   #journaling-junkie   #paperjournal   #May journaling challenge I plan to write a post soon about what I have learned about bullet journaling.
  5. Crosspost bullet journal photo to my blog as a photo post.
  6. Post image one last time directly to Twitter as a photo status with one hashtag #journaling

I’m really excited about my new blog platform, Riley Central. Watch for my next ROW80 check-in on Sunday!

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