ROW80 Check in Wed 11-25-2015

My #ROW80 Goals

  1. #postaday A Daily Post or #NaBloPoMo writing prompt daily.
  2. #Journal tumblr paper & pen journal prompt daily.
  3. #Diary daily #Blog entry.
  4. #ROW80 Checkins Wed and Sun
  5. #Blog Mama Kat’s Weekly writing prompt.
  6. #SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.
  7. #PhotoBlog #MySundayPhoto challenge.
  8. #PhotoBlog The Daily Post Weekly Photo challenge.

Everything’s been a go since my Sunday check in. The Daily Post appears to be having technical difficulties. I wonder why they have had so much trouble in the past year. Their pingback system is incredible for networking but it may be time to seek other daily prompts/challenges. Know of any good ones? The journaling is going great. I am pleased at how much neater my writing has become through doing that challenge. The diary at the end of every day is my bliss. I’ve always wanted my blog to be a diary format. Now, I am doing a regular, daily entry as a diary and I love it. This is my second #ROW80 check in since getting back into the challenge. I plan to keep the momentum.

Looking forward to doing Mama Kat’s Weekly writing challenge this week as well and Stream of Consciousness Saturday. The photo challenges are easy because all week long I am taking photos on my iphone. When one is due, I just pick my favorite and post it. Of course, I am on Thanksgiving break from teaching so once I’m back Monday, that will be the real challenge to keep these passions going. I think I can be successful. It’s a lot of fun and I always learn so much when doing these challenges.

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    1. Since you want to be known as an author, that’s a better goal. I’m probably posting too much right now but I cross post fro several platforms so I’m learning a lot about embedding and IFTTT. It’s a fun diversion for me. Good luck with the novel!

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