#ROW80 Mid-Week Check In

This round of #ROW80 ends Dec 24, 2015 [easy_countdowner name=”demo_countdowner” theme=”fat” animation=”smooth” end_date=”2015-12-24″ end_time=”24:00:00″ day_label=”Days” hour_label=”Hours” minute_label=”Minutes” second_label=”Seconds” day_color=”#60686F” hour_color=”#60686F” minute_color=”#60686F” second_color=”#60686F” circle_bg_color=”#E2E2E2″]

This week is going really well in terms of my #ROW80 goals. I’ve been doing a Daily Post blog prompt every morning. Later in the day, usually over lunch, I’m writing in my journal and posting the photo of it on Tumblr and this blog. Every evening, I settle in to write a daily diary entry. Blogging this much in a routine is really not that tough. The benefit is I feel good about myself and I am in touch with the events of my day, which helps with memory.

I’e been reading at least 20 pages/day in my book. It’s at a really exciting place right now, high suspense. I write notes about my reading progress every night in my diary. I feel like I am dialed right in to #ROW80. My biggest opportunity, or area I need to improve, is reading and commenting on other people’s work. I’m going to catch up on that tonight in front of the fireplace.

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    1. Yesterday was my first hiccup. I got busy, and a little discouraged, and couldn’t get to my online diary. Today things are manageable again. I’m thinking about changinging my #ROW80 goals to something like “Minimum daily goal” and “Max.” Thanks for the comment.

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