ROW80 Sunday Check In 12-13-2015


This round of #ROW80 ends Dec 24, 2015 [easy_countdowner name=”demo_countdowner” theme=”fat” animation=”smooth” end_date=”2015-12-24″ end_time=”24:00:00″ day_label=”Days” hour_label=”Hours” minute_label=”Minutes” second_label=”Seconds” day_color=”#60686F” hour_color=”#60686F” minute_color=”#60686F” second_color=”#60686F” circle_bg_color=”#E2E2E2″]

I’ve made some huge changes to my blogging goals. I’ve set up my categories to include all the hashtags and causes that I want to support. My only challenge is to work through the week doing at least one challenge from a few I have to choose from, My handwritten journal tumblr entry, a movie review here and there through the week, and finally every night an online diary entry. I think these goals are doable. I guess the only thing that has changed is that I’m giving myself the freedom to say no to blogging if I need a break. Just one post a day would be ok with me. My high standards are sometimes a curse but I learn so much when I push myself. #ROW80 has really evolved my blogged, I’ve just been obedient to the changes.

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