ROW80 Wednesday Check in 1.13.2016

Since I’m not an author or even an aspiring one, I always think my check ins here seem out of place and well, wimpy. Still, I selfishly come back to #ROW80 each round because it helps me create great goals for my personal blogging! If you are any measure of a personal blogger, in addition to being an author, you may find some value in my posts.

I’ve gone 100% tumblelog format. As a result, I hope to post one of these post types every day. It fits me. I always saw my blog as a living document/diary fitting to post to multiple times a day.


Ok, so that’s types. For content? Here are the types of things I hope to work into my routine. Many of them are already part of it:

  1. Blog Hop 30-60 mins a day.
  2. Continue taking interesting photos for use in posts.
  3. Write “The Daily Post” prompt daily.
  4. Thursday or Friday do Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop post.
  5. Saturday do Linda Hill’s SoCS.
  6. Handwritten Journal post at least 4 times/week if not every day.
  7. Photo posts: Do “The Daily Post Photo” weekly challenge. On Sunday do #MySundayPhoto.
  8. Write 3 Asides per week. (WordPress post format)
  9. Write one Online Diary post per day.
  10. Write Movie Reviews and movie related posts like Opinion Battles as much as possible.

Hope to check back in with you Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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