ROW80 Wednesday Check-In 12.23.2015


  1. Lose myself in other people’s posts and interact w/social media ie; tweet good posts, at least 20 mins a day or 140 minutes/week.
  2. Include a photo whenever possible and helpful to the post.
  3. Each day do one of the two: “The Daily Post” prompt -OR- a “BlogHer Writing Lab Prompt.” Thursdays do a Mama Kat Writing Workshop and Saturday do Linda Hill’s  SoCS. These are done for practice and networking. Tag to #MondayBlogs.
  4. Handwritten Journal post at least 4 times/week.
  5. Photo posts: Do “The Daily Post Photo” weekly challenge. On Sunday do #MySundayPhoto.
  6. Write 3 Asides per week. (WordPress post format)
  7. Do Reblogs periodically.
  8. Write Statuses when inspired. (WordPress post format)
  9. One Online Diary post per day.
  10. Write Movie Reviews as much as possible.

I know this round ROW80 is almost over but I am so glad doing it helped me formulate this powerful checklist. I can gauge my own success with it. The next round starts January 4th 2016.

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