Schmoozing: The Role of Blog Challenges and Community

imageTo the newer bloggers out there: Just because you hit “Publish” doesn’t mean readers care. “Schmoozing” goes a lot farther than a high word count.

Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging. If you’re a new blogger, what’s one question you’d like to ask other bloggers?

Source: Key Takeaway | The Daily Post

It’s better to get into a community of bloggers like The Daily Post at WordPress than to write long, involved posts assuming you’ll be discovered.

If you’ve been blogging for months to a year even, chances are you already have tried some various challenges and communities. Take more time reading other peoples’ blogs than writing your own and you stand a better chance of building a following.

In doing this myself off and on through the years since I started in 2005, I’ve often found I learn more valuable stuff about blogging that way than any other activity. It’s enjoyable and I’ve also made some lifelong blog friends. Tone the self-serious down about ten notches, then you can play.

By Damien Riley

Professor/Tutor/Dad/Husband/Son. My favorite horror movie is probably going to be a toss up between Tusk and Insidious. Atmospheric Horror is my favorite subgenre. I also post news articles on politics and the occasional blog post on things other than horror movies.

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Go through and read the blogs at The Daily Post. There are usually 150-300 posts each day. Follow the ones you seem to like and you’ll see communities and challenges appear in those feeds. I like #SoCS and Mama Kats Weekly Writers Workshop. There are too many to do at first. Just stay faithful at one and see what you see.

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