Shorty Gains Favor With the Maiden


I’ve always heard my parents met at first in high school. My dad approached my mom and she rejected him stating he was “too short.”

Later in their Junior year, they were taking a driver’s ed class togethet when the car ran out of gas. Since my dad ran track and field, he volunteered to run to the station which was aout a mile away. I guess as he was running away, my mom started having feelings for him and they ended up getting married one year out of high school.

They’ve been married around 50 years I think. This story should give hope to all high school underclassmen who are short 😉 My dad grew to be 6 feet.

Mama’s Losin’ It

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  1. Wow, I’m surprised he sprouted so late! I was always taller than the boys too, but ended up marrying a shorter fella anyway. I’m glad your mom gave him a shot. 🙂

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