Silent Witness (Pilot)

An English cohort on my podcast listed this as one of her favorite tv shows. I had to check it out because she and I usually have similar tastes in television. I was able to find it and I watched the pilot, as I am wont to do when starting a series. et me tell you, I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of a CSI only it began in 1996 without much of the techie fluff that came later (on CSI that is).



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The pilot consisted of a primary character who is a forensic pathologist. As we have learned through many crime shows in the years since, that means investigator who knows a lot about blood and trajectory of bullets etc. What I’ve learned as well is that a forensic officer has a lot of intuition and the ability to put many pieces of hard evidence together to make a case against a perpetrator (bad guy ha!). All these big words are coming out of me and it makes me realize how much I’ve learned watching television.

The woman playing the investigator is excellent. I don’t know how many seasons she remains on the show, there are a whopping 20 seasons. She seems to care more than most people on the force which is also a common theme for a CSI type show. In this pilot, a little girl is dead and we are left to discover whether she has drowned by falling off a swing over a river or if she was killed.

It’s a formula show to be sure but I am a fan of the formula show. Columbo any old timers? When it ait broke don’t fix it. Apparently, this show has discovered a formula to take it up to 20 episodes and still counting. Kira, thanks for recommending this one to me. My personal dilemma now is to decide whether to start from the beginning and continue or shoot up to modern 2016 episodes. Decisions decisions!

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