Small World for This and That

Linda Hill’s prompt for this week’s SoCS entry is: “this and that.”

I have a love relationship with the Spanish language. The way the words conjugate and are ordered in a sentence is like art to me. We say “this and that,” Spanish says “esto y eso.” That’s remarkable. Language is something that requires hundreds of years at least to develop and work effectively in a community. You can say a people are advanced if they have their own language. I did a quick search on Google Translate to see how you say “this and that” in a few other languages.

Ahmaric: ይህን እና
Arabic: هذا و ذاك
Armenian: yev ayd
Japanese: あれこれ
Bengali: এটা এবং ওটা

This is close, that is over there.


When I think of how much these meanings have evolved to be what they are today, it is mind blowing. I liked language so much, I studied it at Cal State University Fullerton. I earned my BA and an MA in language. I graduated in 1998 and I don’t think a day goes by now all these years later that I don’t think “this and that” about language. The photo is of me in 1996 at age 26 with my Spanish Conversation teachers in Guadalajara Mexico. I was there that Summer as a foreign exchange student.

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