#SoCS – When Something Happens Perfect

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When something happens perfect, I say “ha.” I know a singer of an 80’s band, Mike Peters, who says “Ha” quite often in sort of a punker shout in man of his songs. It’s the best feeling when you say it. I can explain things to my young family, I am the elder member at 46 my wife is eight years younger than me and our kids are 8, 11, and 17. They will doubt me and challenge me until I produce that piece of proof exactly in time while the subject is hot and they will say “ha! Dad was right!”

There is the “aha” moment we talk about in teaching when the learner “gets” it. We often have to supply much background information that is missing before the student says “aha” in a manner of sorts in her/his head. It’s the ost gratifying part of our job.

Last there is the humor level. You can watch me watching tv by myself and I’m sure you’ll hear “ha” occasionally and I figure our parts of the plot or if there’s a funny joke. I think of that as when something happens “perfect.” I know the correct grammar is with an “ly” but this is SoCS so I am writing as a would speak. You can get away with a lot more speaking mistakes than you can writing. If you check out all the big speakers of time, you’ll find their transcriptions contain tons of them. So there you are, another great speaker of the hall of fame submitted to you dear reader. HA!

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