Anthony Hopkins plays John Clancy, a psychic Doctor. If I were psychic and could see people’s death path when I touched them, I think I would pass on being a doctor and work in a toll booth. It turns out the serial killer cop “Joe” and Clancy seek is also very psychic and quite a few steps of both of them as they try to track him down.


Solace (2015)
Anthony Hopkins

as John Clancy
Colin Farrell as Charles Ambrose
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Agent Joe Merriweather
Abbie Cornish as Agent Katherine Cowles

Directed by

Afonso Poyart

Written by

Ted Griffin
Sean Bailey

Mystery, Thriller
Rated R for violence
1h 32min

There isn’t much new here for the genre. It feels like a run-of-the-mill serial killer movie. Anthony Hopkins does a few Hannibal Lecter clone scenes. One example is when he describe Abbie Cornish’s child to her without knowing anything about her. She plays Joe’s partner on the force. Clarisse anyone?

The killer, played by Collin Farrell, doesn’t show up until past midway. When he does, he is docile and tame. In my opinion, he was a very poor casting choice. His impetus or killing is supposed to be benevolent but it’s really not. Yes, it’s that hard to divine. We have a dead victim in a bloody bath (Dexter anyone?) and a script that borrows from every serial killer more cliche but it’s “ok,” the more isn’t terrible. I hated seeing talents wasted on such nonsensical writing though.

The ending is very predictable. I read on Wikipedia that this movie was meant to be a sequel to se7en. That might explain why the borrowed so much rom that and movies like it.

I enjoyed the actors but everything else is a fail for me. I took three stars away possibly to warn people this movie doesn’t merit the actors in it. There is some action between the nonsense so if you have nothing else to watch, I might recommend it.

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