Something’s Coming

My wife and I took our daughters to Panera Bread yesterday. I snapped this photo to showcase their wonderful delicious bread. Ever been? It's amazing, especially when you dip it into the soup. I love when my two daughters are getting along. They are 8 and 10 and usually in some sort of argument about something. I know this stuff is age old and siblings always fight but I hold out hope every time that they would make kinder choices and choose to get along. Earlier tonight my oldest was "teaching," more like bossing, the younger one how to load dishes in the dishwasher. Needless to say, the little one was annoyed. It all resulted in my oldest being mad that we scolded her for not being kinder in the way she said things. That was then … now they are both baking chocolate chip cookies and watching "Ernest Saves Christmas" by the fire. Sigh. A happy dad moment.

Teaching kids things presents many challenges. Usually, you want to trick them into learning. In other words, distract tem in the learning process so when they turn around after the conclusion "poof" they learned something new. It is crucial to have a plan and to not be too complicated. Kids have simple processing units. Sometimes they will surprise you but I have learned as a teacher to keep things simple. This applies to my own kids too.

I wrote a blog post today explaining some of my recommendations for my fellow bloggers. I got into the self-hosted stuff, you know the stuff no one ever understands. I really wish I could find more self-hosted bloggers like yself. People who really value the craft of the WordPress software as well as writing. I know everyone blogs for their own reasons. I selfishly wish I didn't have to hunt down readers so much. I wish they just came to me. I've been hoping that for over 10 years, here's hoping the flood gates will one day open. The thing about blogging is that the posts you write have a 1-2 day life span on average. You can pour your heart in and get 2 likes, or none. I try to keep mine fluid and trust in my talent and experience that my personality will shine through. The days of crafting legthy posts and links in order to attract readers have long passed.

My book is very exciting. It jumps around in time which I still find challenging to read. Still, I think some huge things are coming up and that's a great place to be when you're reading a book. He writes about Vic's bike a lot and the spokes "whirring." This brings me back to my childhood. I had a Schwinn Sting Ray with a banana seat and later a Diamondback BMX bike. I was big into bikes, like most kids my age. But this is juxtaposed against a horror plot. So far it's been tame but like I said … something's coming.

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