Jake Gyllenhaal and Forest Whittaker shine in this boxing movie. Thankfully for me, a reviewer disinterested in boxing, it’s more about finding motivation amidst despair.


A friend told me it didn’t have much boxing so I thought I could stomach it. I did like the Rocky movies and others like it since like “Warrior” for example. Still, I wasn’t sold with the trailers on this one. It looked gratuitous in the violence. I’m happy to say, in spite of a lot of intense boxing, I really enjoyed this movie’s message. The story is “Southpaw’s” strong point.

We live in such dark and uncertain times of bomb threats and terrorism that a movie with this message is just what the collective psychiatrist ordered. Where do you find the motivation to fight when all you love is gone? “Southpaw” portrays a guy in a low state such as this. The boxing is the metaphor for survival in a universal struggle we all go 12 rounds with.

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    1. Thanks so much Darren. I saw “Creed” last night, will probably review it soon. So far, I’m leaning toward “Southpaw” but we’ll see after I ponder some more 😉

        1. Totally understand. My wife is like that with all sequels. I jump around and don’t mind missing some. Enjoy the rest of the Rocky’s. There are allusions to a few of them in “Creed.” For me, I think the only really important one was that Apollo was the biological father of a kid who grows up with something to prove. I’ll be curious to read your reviews of the sequels as well as “Creed.”

          1. as i plan along way ahead, i was going to spend a week in in March to review them all, and all for the first time

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