Starbucks Decadence

There’s no guilt in hard-earned, well-deserved indulgence.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No Apologies.” What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

The first 10 years of my marriage we were not poor but we struggled to have the life we wanted. There were years I couldn’t buy certain indulgences because Sarah had us on a strict budget, thank God for her, and we had to make it through the month. I used to joke that teachers lived fat for two weeks and then penny pinched for the last two of the month. It was actually quite true, that’s what we did. Well now, we are just starting to reap the benefits of hanging in there. Sarah is a therapist working in a high school for an outside company. She makes a salary comparable to mine only after a few years. We are in a place now where we don’t have to skip the decadence that once eluded us, like Starbucks every day. Now don’t take that literally, we don’t get Starbucks every day but we can id we want to. She gets a fancy drink and I get a coffee with milk, it’s called a Cafe Misto. Together with tip they push $10. We enjoy our Starbucks because we can but we also know how to make our favorite drinks at home. The stress of not knowing what is in my account when I swipe my card is no longer there. We stayed in the race and did what we could with what we had for years. The most important thing is: we did what we loved and the money just followed. We are also both highly educated: she with her MFT and I with my MA and teaching credential. We definitely worked and sweated for many years to enjoy this indulgence. For us, the decadence of Starbucks as much as we want is just that.

Even at these prices, they don’t always spell my name right. That’s okay, they make damn good coffee!

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