Starfire Conferences

Before “Star Wars” had anything to do with Legos, it was a mind-bending piece of cinema that forever changed a boy, namely me. Currently I am forcing my daughters, 8 and 10, to watch the original “Star Wars” with mixed buy-in. It’s the Jawa scene right now where they shock R2D2 and abduct him back to their transport. Everything I just said has better visuals than the whole of science fiction movies made since. I love the first three movies made but for me, “A New Hope” is the first, the last, and the best of all things called “Star Wars.” My oldest is still fighting it but my younger one seems to have been drawn in.

We had the wood delivered yesterday, a full cord. I helped Brandon stack it but after about an hour I suggested his friend come over and help him finish it up. This is one of the benefits of having a 17 year old son who took to weightlifting. Anyway, they got together and did an awesome job. They went and pigged out on McDonald’s afterwards, we paid of course. I am so thankful they got the job done. This morning I’ve already burned two bundles of firewood. It is the best feeling when you have a cord of firewood and cold weather coming on for the next few months.

I have parent conferences next week. It’s going to be different because we are having the kids in class until 12:30 or so and then we have scheduled conferences for the rest of the afternoon for 4 days. This year for the first time I was reminded that you shouldn’t put “Pleasure to have in class.” as a comment unless the student is getting along with her/his peers and respecting teachers. Otherwise, it sort of condones the behavior. It sort of flies in the face of the maxim that you should try to find nice things to say in comments. Teaching is often an enigma and through the passage of time it seems to get foggier and foggier. That which was one the important thing to do, like posting scores in class, is now the taboo. No child is ever to be embarrassed for scoring low. Is that preparation for life? For Capitalism? As always, I continue to adapt with the interest of the child in the forefront of my mind.

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