Sunday Check-in #ROW80

This round of #ROW80 ends Dec 24, 2015 [easy_countdowner name=”demo_countdowner” theme=”fat” animation=”smooth” end_date=”2015-12-24″ end_time=”24:00:00″ day_label=”Days” hour_label=”Hours” minute_label=”Minutes” second_label=”Seconds” day_color=”#60686F” hour_color=”#60686F” minute_color=”#60686F” second_color=”#60686F” circle_bg_color=”#E2E2E2″]

I had a good run the last couple weeks. I was able to keep up with all my goals. People seem to be reading and following my blog and are hitting the like star daily. I’m reading some amazing stuff out there as well. The art of blogging is alive and well!

  1. #postaday A Daily Post or #NaBloPoMo writing prompt daily.
  2. #Journal tumblr paper & pen journal prompt daily.
  3. #Diary daily #Blog entry.
  4. #ROW80 Checkins Wed and Sun
  5. #Blog Mama Kat’s Weekly writing prompt.
  6. #SoCS Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.
  7. #PhotoBlog #MySundayPhoto challenge.
  8. #PhotoBlog The Daily Post Weekly Photo challenge.

I plan to continue with these goals until December 24th, the end of this round. except a few minor changes. The Daily Post doesn’t take the time to come up with new prompts, they recycle 3 I’ve done before recently. For that reason, I’m not committing to do their prompt daily. I can substitute  a NaBloPoMo or other prompt if I find the Daily Post redundant. The main reason I do theirs is because of the community. I’m interested in branching out. Also, the tumblr journal prompts are kind of a similiar situation. I may start coming up with my own prompts when I don’t like the ones Journaling-Junkie has posted.



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