#atozchallenge – Lozenges


It’s been a difficult week having a sore throat and cough. At one point it was very uncomfortable and I found a menthol lozenge helped immensely. Next time I get sick I’ll be reaching for these over the DayQuil capsules. They tend to make me feel spaced out which really isn’t cool. Now, after a week of it and a day taken off work, I feel much better. It seems I may finally have the upper hand on this bug. You would’t think being sick would affect my blogging routine but it really did!

Have you been sick lately? Do lozenges work for you?




Blogging A to Z – Coffee Benefits

Today’s A to Z Challenge is the letter C so I wrote about black gold, the dancing goat’s drink, that’s right: coffee!

c-9455682I learn more and more about how coffee has health benefits. Today, for example, doing research for this post I learned something new!

Unsweetened cocoa powder in your coffee increases its antioxidant properties.

Wow, gonna have to try that one. If you’re on Weight Watchers, know the powder does cost you a point. I just started on Weight Watchers recently so I am more aware of such things!

Another thing I like to share about coffee is the antioxidant and short term memory properties it contains.

I worked at the chain “The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf” in the 90’s and it was there I learned of coffee’s benefits.

It’s a fact to remember that these powers of coffee wane after an hour of sitting. So, in order to get all the medical benefits, and there are many more than I have mentioned, you must drink the coffee within an hour of when it’s brewed, or sooner.

Do you drink coffee? Do you know any benefits it has I haven’t mentioned? I know there are hundreds more because I’ve done many searches on the topic. image1-320x320Are you picky about the way they prepare your coffee? How do you take your coffee? Answer one of these questions in the comments, I’d love to hear from you! -Damien Riley


The Habitual Be of Ebonics

I studied a little ebonics while at Cal State Fullerton. I learned so many cool characteristics of the language, one of those was the habitual be. You’ve probably heard it spoken but not heard “of” it.

language_files-6164828In the field of linguistics, we have observed a “habitual be” in ebonics. This is not simply a grammatical error. It is actually an identifiable, quantifiable language rule that is present in some African American dialects. Whether or not you accept ebonics as a standard language doesn’t matter, we see the habitual be many many places on the globe.

Today’s SoCs prompt was to write on the word “be.”

What does it sound like? Basically this: “She be working at that shop for years.” It precedes the verb (working) to mean that she has been there a long time. There are other uses of the habitual be. I found it quite remarkable in grad school studies. Since graduating with my MA, I notice it all the time in movies, tv, books, and in my every day work as a teacher at an inner city school.

This post is part of Blogging From A to Z April (2016) Challenge


*This post is a part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. #atozchallenge
Me: I have aspirations of meeting blog people this April. Should we talk about the weather? Hi. Should we talk about the government?
You: Hi. Meet bloggers? Oh really? Through what means?
Me: Through the Blogging A to Z Challenge. Today is the first letter, the letter “A” for aspiration. I figure over the course of a month, I can get some new followers. I might even find some new blogs to follow myself, though I must say of late, the blogs I’ve been reading are not as cool as the old days. It’s hard to find bloggers who know what they’re doing and have a real “voice.” You know, people who really craft it and stay faithful to the craft. They are small in numbers these days I think.
You: Oh really? What exactly do you mean by that?
Me: Just serious about WordPress or blogging in general. There’s so much to learn by peeking around. I have a lot to teach. I’ve been doing this since 2005. People with something to say and not full on wannabe “stars” of the internet are my faves. It helps to have a strength. Most blogs I read these days are movie review blogs. Those people remind me of the early days of blogging around say 2004-2006. There was such a freedom then and people saw it as more than just a chain of blah blah blah, you scratch my back kind of thing. I have some followers that visit my site and comment but not like I used to. Part of that is my fault for getting lazy and hanging it up. Hopefully I’ll meet some new folks and some of them will like my voice and vice versa, though it isn’t always a 2 way street.
You: You’ve intrigued me.
Me: Well I hope so! Leave a comment if you feel so led. If not, thank you indeed for reading my blog 🙂 We’re all a little selfish I think, why else would we do this stuff? Nothing wrong with it. Love yourself. Have a wonderful day.