Analog Conversation in Life of Riley



For my answer, I’ll need to make a parameter: grown up social time. At work I talk with 10 year olds all day, it’s my job. I’ve heard of teaching kids in a lab scenario where they send the teacher electronic messages and such but at my school  we’re not there yet. So, most of my days M-F I am having analog conversation with real, small people in person. But then there are the other times after work when I’m not playing the teacher role. Let’s take a look at those conversations.

Still, I am talking analog with my daughters on the way home. Not so much with my son because he’s 17. I catch up on the day with my wife. After that, I am composing something or writing comments on other blogs. I get to know people online this way. It is a slower way to get to know someone but once the back and forth is flowing, it feels like you’ve known them in real life. So, as you can see I think my analog to digital conversation is still slanted to the analog. I think as long as people need people in proximity to people, as in school, analog conversation will always tip the scale.

Watch the Front for an Hour


Tell us about a time when you were left on your own, to fend for yourself in an overwhelming situation — on the job, at home, at school. What was the outcome?

Source: Sink or Swim | The Daily Post

I was told to watch the front for an hour when I was 17 working at the Alpha Beta Service Deli bakery. I had people telling me I was far too young to be in charge. Everything seemed to go wrong, but I survived. When in charge of people thenceforward, I decided to never do that. Fostering people’s growth while protecting them is a far better way to go about training them than sink or swim.

A Brand New You, Effective Tomorrow


This post is in response to a writing prompt:

Tomorrow you get to become anyone in the world that you wish. Who are you? You can choose to be anyone alive today, or someone gone long ago. If you decide to stay “you” share your rationale.

Source: A Brand New You, Effective Tomorrow | The Daily Post

Attention ladies and gentlemen, the new improved Damien. He one was a putz, now a king among kings. I would change myself to my daughter’s 5th grade teacher. He’s tall and retired, two things I roam about the earth wishing I was. What’s that? What’s that you say? You say I can’t trade places with anyone? Hmmm okay. Well, they say self-love and acceptance is everything.

I’ll be retired one day if I live that long. How long past 46 will it take? Not totally sure but I’d like to before age 60 (14 years or less) and I guess I’ll be 5’8″ always then. Some goals are futile, others not. There’s always somebody taller or shorter right? If I’m still blogging in 14 years, I’ll tell you how short dude retirement is.


Peace is the Word



I think the biggest mistake one makes with resolutions is making too many and making un-achievable goals. So, keeping it simple is a must for me. There are some tools to use as well. I actually have used my blog as a tool to successfully keep my new year’s resolutions. First, before I post them, I have to think them through quite a bit. That makes them achievable and measurable. It also helps that I share them publicly. A handwritten journal is also a great help in keeping resolutions.

This year, I only made one resolution. I got the idea to do so from Corinne Rodrigues‘ blog. She suggested in a post on resolutions a “one word” or “short phrase.” I took her advice and my word ended up being “peace.” I used a worksheet to come up with it. You can read more about the process and get the link to try it yourself here.

Now I’ve already had some people take me to task for this. They claim, correctly, that most my blogs and social media posts are about going to restaurants, on vacation, enjoying life. They claim I have peace down pat. But it’s not pleasure I’m talking about. I want to find peace in the ups and down and not let the downs affect me so hard. I believe this requires the awareness of the goal: the word peace in my life.