Alex of Venice

*This review contains spoilers.

This movie is a blueprint for letting go of a failed marriage, embracing change when you feel too old, and being unselfish through divorce for the sake of your child. Believe it or not, there is a lot of joy in Alex of Venice.


Alex of Venice

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Messina, Don Johnson

Directed by

Chris Messina

Written by

Jessica Goldberg, Katie Nehra, Justin Shilton

Other Info

Rated R
1h 26min

I’ve been crossing paths with people who got married before age twenty and thinking they all must be crazy. I changed so much in my twenties. For me, it was necessary to “find myself” through my twenties to have the marriage I enjoy now. I got married at 33.

Chris Messina (Devil) directed this film that shows the sudden jolt that occurs when one who married young realizes she’s with the wrong person. What does one do in such a situation? Alex in Venice shows us how one woman deals with it.

Alex (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is a workaholic attorney who clearly hasn’t analyzed her life enough. Her marriage is all but lifeless. Her husband George (Chris Messina) is the one who takes the drastic step of moving out. Actually, he doesn’t just move out, he flees. Alex is forced to grapple with taking care of her father (Don Johnson) and son alone. It has the potential to break her but as we see, she becomes stronger. Winstead has alluring eyes that brighten up any film she’s in (10 Cloverfield Lane, Swiss Army Man). She does a great job playing this role, its believable what she’s going through. She encounters casual sex (only one time), the ecstasy drug (yep she goes there), and partying in hopes of discovering the self she could have been and in fact now is. It’s all done with mixed success. In the end she becomes stronger, and this type of separation could make one weak.

In the final scenes, Alex and George show in their tender conversation with their son that they are indeed divorcing but that they both pledge to be there for him in the strongest love they can. It’s a tear-jerker scene but also inspiring in that it shows the strength people can have, along with maturity, when a marriage just doesn’t work out. Society judges enough without judgement in books and movies. This movies gives an image like a lighthouse of the way it can be when both people put their egos aside, admit it’s a dead marriage and then work toward a good divorce. It’s not a “feel good” movie but I found inspiration for the times in life you have to let go and walk forward with courage. This film achieved what it set out to do, I give it a 5/5.

The Path (TV Series)

Aaron Paul shines as actor but also producer in this tv series on HULU. His character is more mature soulful than Jesse on Breaking Bad. Still, he portrays the role with grit and wiliness as a questioning member of a cult.

The Path
1h | Drama | TV Series (2016– )
A man who converts to a controversial following suffers from a crisis of faith.
Creator: Jessica Goldberg
Stars: Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, Emma Greenwell

I’ve seen the first two series of this and I can tell you it is a must-see binge-watch. We all have shadows of cults in our subconscious we learn from the news and some even first hand experience. This is a weird one but it has some of the trappings we hear about and even experience in fundamental Christianity. Even more so is the similarity to Scientology. It’s like a mix of both the way its people behave. It pits members against their families who refuse to believe, it sucks people in who are poor, “damaged,” or needy offering them the answers to all their questions.

This series is a winner because of the actors and their performances. You are left hanging on every episode as you identify ad feel for these people. Some of the material is truly dark and takes your breath away what humans can do to each other mentally. At times it didn’t seem like a real cult but these moments were rare. I would have liked to have seen more parallels to Christian cults because that’s where the damage occurs every day in my opinion. Scientology is just a small piece of the pie.


Check it out on Hulu, it’s streaming on HULU and you can see episodes now on Amazon Video for $2.99 apiece.