5 Things I Like About Myself #handwrittenjournal

A student-made card I received today from a third grader who wants to be in my class next year. I had her sister in my class 4 years ago. I keep these cards and notes in what I call my “Sunshine File.” They come in handy on rainy days 😉 Encouragement from a child is the most refreshing gift on earth.

How I Have Grown as a Writer

Handwritten Journal Challenge #30 December 2015 “How Have You Grown as a Writer?” (Prompt by Journaling-Junkie)


I got up early today, excited to write on this prompt. I’m almost done doing these challenges for 2015. I can’t wait to dive in an do more in 2016. I owe my improvement in handwritten journaling partially to Journaling-Junkie on Tumblr. Her daily prompts and community have been such a motivator to me. I also want to thanks everyone who has liked, reblogged, commented, or favorited my handwritten journal posts. Life is good when the goal is constant improvement. Why not archive your growth online in 2016? It really works!

Three Holiday Wishes


These three wished will need enhance my life. I think they may come true!

I’ve evolved a blog routine for the week and mentioned it in my wishes. The curious can find it here.