DIV Class Movie Meta – Brought to you by the word divide

I write quite a few movie reviews every week here on my blog. I’ve spent several years developing ideas on how to structure them and I am beginning to repeat some traditional stuff that “sticks” long after I’ve posted. One of my reviewing mentors is Roger Ebert. I read every thing he wrote when he was alive and even now, I visit his blog frequently to steal technique and presentation 😉

After seeing “The Witch” a few days ago, I realized I wanted a more professional layout so I checked out Ebert’s site once again. Turns out, he had a really cool effect there with his meta movie info. He was using css shading for some subheadings just under the movie poster. Rather than try to explain it, check it out below:

Notice the title in Ebert’s meta data is white font on a black line. I got to thinking these could be achieved by simply adding a little Css to the style sheet and then wrap that text under the poster photo through [caption] short code.

I added the following CSS div classes to try the effect on my theme “twenty fourteen”:

<div class=”movie-meta-title”><b>The Witch (2016)</b></div>
<div class=”movie-meta-subheading”><b>Cast</b></div>
<b>Anya Taylor-Joy</b> as Thomasin
<b>Ralph Ineson</b> as William
<b>Kate Dickie</b> as Katherine
<b>Harvey Scrimshaw</b> as Caleb
<div class=”movie-meta-subheading”><b>Directed by</b></div>
<b>Robert Eggers</b>
<div class=”movie-meta-subheading”><b>Written by</b></div>
<b>Robert Eggers<b>

I was so excited when I achieved an effect I liked even better than Ebert’s. Of course, I thank him and his webmaster for the inspiration! You can see how the DIV style looks on my site below:

Click on this image to see the full review and how the effect fits in.
Click on this image to see the full review and how the effect fits in.

Here’s the writing prompt that inspired me too write this post today. In other words, blame them:

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started.

Source: Divide | The Daily Post

The Smelly Zombie

The Smelly zombie next door needn’t be a bother anymore.

This post is in response to:

Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — anyone who’s accessible — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title! Now write.

Source: Mad Libs | The Daily Post

If it’s been months or even years since you’ve been hearing that tapping or banging snarling sound, chances are that smell is a zombie who’s chained up or otherwise trapped in an abandoned house.

For an affordable price, Orkin exterminators will come into the house, approved by the city, drill a hole in its brain, and discreetly remove the cadaver on a stretcher. This will appear like a normal death has occurred to avoid zombie looky loos and camera crews.

The smelly zombie that’s been making the cul-de-sac putrid will be gone. The smell will disappear soon thereafter. As for her/him? Don’t worry, she/he won’t feel a thing: It’s a zombie!

Writing Prompt and Diary Entry Rolled into One Post

Writing prompt starts here:
The Daily Post asks:

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

Source: Evasive Action | The Daily Post

I was late coming back from a pizza delivery and my new boos asked me what took so long. I made up a lie about how I helped some kid who had fallen and hurt himself. I claimed I too him to the ER with his mom since they had no car.

Satanic, I know.

I’ve learned through the years it’s usually easier to tell the truth. There are situations though when telling the truth, or oversharing, is not wise and can hurt you irreparably.

That’s life kiddos.

Diary entry begins now:

I have been tested and found to be a personality type that is always selling itself short when it is doing at least as well as everyone around it. It sucks being this way. This week I have been taking things easy to test that theory and I can actually see that my half-ass efort is still better than people around. Awesome. As you can probably read between the lines, I’m tired.

Thank good next weekend is a three dayer. I need that incubation time to recover rom this funk malaise I seem to have fallen in. I’m getting a massage Saturday so that should probably start the process toward awesome well. If you’re reading thise post I hope you don’t write me off as a liar. My daughter says I can tell no lie. I’m a realist though and I stand by what I said. What do you think?

Yeah We Could Talk About “Dream Jobs”

There is no dream job because if one is dreaming about it one isn’t doing it yet. If one starts doing it and finds one loves it, it’s no longer a dream but rather a job one loves. At that point there are inevitably things about the job that are not ideal but one clings to the memory of what was once the dream.

I dreamt of being a recording artist but look at Kurt Cobain.

I dreamt of being a bestselling author but look at David Foster Wallace.

I dreamt of being a college professor but look at Dr. Friend (My miserable American Lit professor who hopefully has retired for his sake)

I never dreamt of being a 4th grade teacher but It has become my career and I embrace it. I should note that I would never have been given the opportunity unless I had worked for an advanced University degree.  I didn’t sit around through my 20’s waiting for someone to show me the way.

Here’s the story: in 1997, Santa Ana School District grandfathered me in and hired me to teach on an emergency credential. Three years later I earned enough experience and college classes to obtain a preliminary teaching credential. A few years after that I cleared my credential. I’ve been teaching now for 17 years. It’s not an ideal job by any stretch of the imagination. There are a few things about it though that you might find dreamy:

  1. My contract requires me to work only 186 days a year.
  2. I some days get off work in time for the matinee movie price.
  3. I develop skills in people not financial profits.
  4. I have a reasonably static routine.
  5. I have a respected profession in my community.
  6. Some years I get to go on field trips.

I read a story once told by a psychologist. He described a place where every discontented person was directed to put their life’s burden. When all had done so, they were released to take back whichever person’s burden they wanted. The end of the story was that after weighing enough of them, everyone took back her/his own.

Money for Nothing | The Daily Post

Look Out Look In

Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.  

Source: Quirk of Habit | The Daily Post

The quirky habit that annoys me the most is when someone tries to get in the good graces of the boss by clinging and being her/his errand boy. Some might call it brown nosing. It looks like major insecurity. I always feel a job well done is the best and only real job security one needs.

The trait I love to see in myself and others is thankfulness. I’ve heard it referred to as an “attitude of gratitude.” Things seem to always work out for thankful people. I’e heard it said they even live longer.

Pop Posts Pay More Pop Rocks

The Daily Post says:

Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

Source: The Stat Connection | The Daily Post

This is a good exercise because it causes a blogger to reflect and possibly revise her/his work. I have a hunch most don’t.

Figuring out what makes a post popular is a deceptive mistress. I should know since I’ve been chasing that dragon for over ten years and through 5 domains.

My top three posts in the past 11 years according to Google are: “Anger and the Brain,” “Ten Reasons Roller Coasters are Good for You,” and “How to Make Acronyms.” I just happened to have loaded them all with relevant words for the free Adwords tool.

These days I just write my serious posts as a column. Beyond that, I think of my blog as a Tumblr. Pure fun, no matter the popularity. Of course you need a few readers 😉 I try to give readers something of value but it’s not always easy to know their common interests.

Trying to figure out how to make a post popular on WordPress.com isn’t worth the time. It’s an entry level free-hosted blogger network that hasn’t reached its potential yet, not even close. I just enjoy the interaction of this very small and under-developed community. I enjoy being able to share short posts and get “high fives” from you guys. It took a little getting used to after taking about a year off blogging but it seems the best way back in.

Popular posts as columns or niche blog entries is a million dollar question. There are always more books to read/write and people to hire for that.